Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wellness Day

Today was Wellness Day at work....and they had a bunch of booths and such all about health and wellness. They had information on how to pick out the right shoes...about food and portion size...people could get quick massages...people could get info about treatment programs.

The most exciting things about Wellness Day.

One...I signed up for the Walking Program. They give you a free pedometer and then you track your steps, etc. There are prizes and such for participating. I figure it will be good for me...and encourage me to move more. I plan on walking like a crazy fool!

Two...we got stress dots. They change colors and assess how stressed you are at the given moment. Usually my stress dots are always black because I tend to have cold hands...even when I am not stressed. Well, I have been wearing my stress dot all afternoon and it has been green and blue for most of the day which means I am calm and maybe even tranquil. Go me! My stress dot is a greenish blue right now...

I just think it's cool that my job has a wellness day and encourages us to be healthy, even if it means going to a wellness fair during the workday. Just thought I would share.

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