Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VA Tech Picture

I don't know why, but this picture always seems to resonate with me...of people, common students just standing there....watching...wondering what is going on...if people they know are hurt or killed...not knowing what really happened or why. *shrugs* The first time I saw it on the news last night...it just broke my heart.

I am still pretty overwhelmed by what happened yesterday at Virginia Tech. I just can't get my head around what happened...and why someone would do that. I am just constantly shaking my head.

I do think that the media is being unfair to the administrators and campus police. I understand that what happened is a huge tragedy...and that there are so many people dead or injured, but I don't think the President should be asked to resign because of it. I think they dealt with the situation the best that they could...and they thought they were keeping their students safe. They didn't have a magic ball and couldn't predict what would happen after the first shooting. We still don't know if the first and second shootings were done by the same person. We don't know if it was all part of a master plan. If we don't know now...after it happened...how can we expect the school and those in charge to know? Yes, the students didn't get emails as it happened, but in some way...I get that. I get it that they felt it was a domestic, isolated incident at the time (and who knows...the first shooting could still be)...so they felt sending a panicked email out to the whole campus and shutting down the campus would have been a mistake and made more chaos, etc. And who knows...if they closed down the campus...and since the second shooter was an on campus student...maybe it would have made them sitting ducks even more??? We just don't know and I guess that is my point. We don't know. The President of the school didn't know...the campus police didn't know.

I feel for the families of those who were hurt, killed and those who weren't. I feel for the school and what legacy they will now have. This is a huge tragedy all around...and I just hope we try to heal before we go looking for people's heads...and people to blame.

My heart just breaks for all those people at Virginia Tech. My thoughts are with you.

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