Monday, April 16, 2007

Anti Virus Software!

I recently got my computer fixed by my brother after it wasn't working for almost 2 months. Well, it was working, but it wasn't connecting to the internet, so for me...that means it wasn't working. It ended up being that my computer started to install something and then didn't finish, but the files that the computer put on were still stopped my computer from connecting. Long story brother is a computer god and he fixed it. When he got my computer up and running, he also installed a new firewall and new virus protection. I feel that virus protection is so important, especially with all that stuff that is out there. I know my roommate's computer has gotten a virus a couple of times over and since our computers are networked together using a router, I am always extra careful when it comes to virus protection. If you don't have virus protection on your computer or if the free trial of whatever you are using has run out, check out this site which gives free virus protection downlands and a free virus scan. There are so many free programs and downloads out there now...don't end up paying for something that you can get for free!

Help keep your computer healthy...make sure it doesn't catch a virus!!!!

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