Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Who deserves to be fired more???

I was watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (hummina)....last night and I started thinking about something.

My question is...who should be fired more???

*drum rolls*

Don Imus vs. Alberto Gonzales

Imus: Yes, he said something horrible. He made some racist, sexist comments about a group of talented wonderful African American athletes. He should be held accountable...and he should not be able to walk away from that scott free. I don't feel that it is a free speech all. Imus can continue to say whatever it is that he wants...whenever he wants. He will not be arrested. He will not be charged with a crime. However, just because you have the right to free speech does not mean that you do not have to face the consequences for what you say. He said something horrible...and for that, he should have to stand and take his medicine. Now, what has Imus done since the incident? He has apologized in the press. He has apologized to the girls. He has continued to raise money and awareness for issues by standing down and allowing his wife to continue on the radio. He hasn't made excuses for what he did...and had not complained about his consequences...oh and let's remember he's paid to entertain us and really, nothing else.

Gonzales: One, he's paid to serve us...not just as the pleasure of the President, but to serve the American people. Gonzales is at the heart of a controversy as to whether or not several US Attorneys were fired for political reasons...meaning they were looking to prosecute Republicans and not just gunning for Democrats. Gonzales says that they were all fired for cause...but then information on all of their last reviews say that they had exception performance measures. Also, there is talk that Karl Rove asked for their firings...and there are the missing emails. Gonzales first stated that he remembered the firings and that they were not performing well. Then when it comes out that they were, Gonzales says he "does not recall" the firings. He admitted that he did not look at the performance reviews of the candidates until after they were fired and could not say the reason why at least two were fired. And he's the guy in charge? He goes to meet with the Senate and says "I do not recall" as an answer so many questions....about meetings he was at, what was covered, what was talked about, etc. He basically answers all questions with, "I have searched my memory and I do not recall." So, either he is covering up or he is blatantly incompetent. There are missing emails. They are secret email accounts. There are unanswered questions...and even the Republicans in the Senate didn't stand up with Gonzales. Of course, Bush said he was confirmed in his confidence in Gonzales after the hearing.

Hmm, so...who deserves to be fired more?????

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