Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #27

I was sick last week, so I didn't even get close to a post...but this week...only a trickle of a cough left over, so here's my TT! Enjoy!

Thirteen Random Things about Shelley!

1. I am a redhead...pretty much. It's a dark, brownish red, but it's still red. I call it auburn cause it just seems classier. I hated my red hair as a kid, but now...we get along famously.
2. I am afraid of clowns. Now, I don't run in fear if I see one and hide under the desk, but I don't like them...they make me uncomfortable. I think it is that you can't see the person behind the makeup. *shudders*
3. I am also afraid of spiders. I think they are nasty and tricky. They move too fast and the feeling of one running across you...eww!
4. I don't like reading's really quite sad. I used to love reading as a kid, but being in college and grad school just trained me that reading is just to get an assignment done. So, if I do read...I try to read as fast as possible and make myself misreable while doing it.
5. I have no money in my wallet right now. Actually, I never do. I use my debit card for everything! For me, if I have cash...I spent it on nothing and everything, but I am very particular about everything I use my debit card on.
6. I went to Blockbuster on Tuesday...when the new releases come get one of them. When I got there at 4:45pm...I was grabbing the last copy of the movie. How crazy is that? (BTW- the movie was Smoking Aces. I search out anything Affleck related!)
7. I used to be so much more politically active when I was younger...I would attend protests and meetings and contact my elected officials. I miss those days. I have tried to get involved again, but it has never really worked out. I should really work on that because there are so many issues I care about.
8. I often wonder if I will be battling with my weight my entire life. I seem to be falling in the category of the constant yo-yo.
9. I wonder if I will battle with my weight until I finally accept and love myself...just the way I am. (blatant Bridget Jones reference there!)
10. The shooting at VA Tech has just completely broken my heart. I can't imagine how that community is ever going to heal...especially with all the new information coming out.
11. I have some really great friends...and sometimes I think I don't appreciate them like I should. I have some great work friends...who make work SO worth while. It's not the job I's the people. I have some great friends from college...who I don't talk to nearly as much as I should. And some great around town, just regular friends...who I wish I got to see more often.
12. Spending time with my family in Florida was really wonderful. My parents have thanked me for going along because they said I was really helpful. That felt nice...and you know, we just do what family does. But for was great. I obviously loved seeing my adorable nephew, but I also loved spending time with my family as an adult...not as the child. I guess that's a huge difference when you are the baby in the family. So, the vacation was really, really wonderful.
13. Jeez...I always tend to use my TT's for a replacement for therapy, eh? Oh well...get it where you need it!

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