Monday, April 16, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

I have never been to Las Vegas and have always wanted to go. It just seems like a fun place to hang out, do a little gambling, see the sites, see the shows, etc. When I was in grad school, a couple friends talked about going, but it just never happened. Now, I am not sure I would want to live in Las Vegas, but then would be constant fun and partying, I imagine. Except that you would probably be drowning in tourists. My brother lives right outside Disney and while he is working his 9 to 5...there are tons of people around him on vacation mode, etc. But he doesn't complain with having Disney and Sea World in his backyard. MLS listings has a bunch of places in Vegas, so hey...instead of visiting...check out their site and move there.

And remember...what happens in Vegas...STAYS in Vegas! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

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