Monday, March 10, 2008

Holy wind Batman....and a weigh-in too!

Hey's Monday and that means we all survived Daylight Savings Time and the loss of our hour of sleep. Before I get to that elusive weigh-in stats, let me recap my weekend for you. (I like to keep you in suspense!)

I really wanted to get my run in on Saturday because I missed it last Saturday due to having to work and there being a huge snow storm. I have gotten used to having my Saturday runs, so I missed the week without it. The weather report looked bleak again...and it said it might be a day of rain/sleet/freezing rain. Pfft to that! It said it might not start until late morning, so I got up an hour earlier...and headed out on my run earlier than usual. I got about 3 miles and change in...and it started raining. I thought I would tough it out for a while, but then the wind picked up some too...and the rain was cold and biting. So, I turned in early...and only went a little over 4 miles. I am glad though...that I got most of it in...and didn't ditch the whole run because of the possibility of rain.

Ah, Daylight Saving's upon us again. I love this time of year...when it stays late so much later. Remember those times in summer when drive-in movies don't start until at least 9pm because that is when it really starts to turn to dusk. I love having the light for so much more of the day. I did feel like I missed the sleep though...because of the DAMN wind! I tried to go to bed early on Saturday steal that extra hour of sleep back, but the wind was howling...and it was so loud. I was amazed at how intense it was...I was worried the power was going to go out...and it almost did. I was awake well past midnight...and that's late for me, so it's obvious I didn't get to snag an extra hour of sleep. I also didn't get to sleep in on Sunday...because I was up bright and early for church. I could have skipped it, but I committed to going to church each and every Sunday during the Lentin period...and I believe in honoring my commitments.

I did catch a quick nap on Sunday afternoon...and that helped. Of course, it just made me not tired for going to bed until about 11pm on Sunday night, but I still went to bed at 10pm because I am a creature of habit. I watched a little crap TV and was in dreamland sometime after 11pm.

Alright....on to this weigh-in mumbo jumbo. As I've said, I am working on transitioning....and stopping this weight loss momentum. I am working on maintaining...something I have never done well. I can lose weight pretty easily...and gain weight even easier. But staying the same weight...or within the same weight range, is much more difficult for me. I usually go immediately from losing weight to gaining weight. Not going to play that game again...I swear it. Well, my body is obviously still in losing mode....since I lost 3 freakin' pounds this week.

I'm still following the plan...I figure, the plan worked during the weight loss portion, so I need to trust it and follow it during the transition phase. Plus, I get to add even more things in this week. I had already been adding in those starchy and sugary veggies like corn and carrots....added in fruit (oh how I love fruit!)....and this week...adding more dairy in. I bought some yogurt that I cannot wait to try. Next week...I add in grains...which means bread in some sense or another. I haven't had bread in so many months...I think that will be the most bizarre of all.

Let's hope next week doesn't see another drop on the scale...because if it does, I might start eating a diet full of just ice cream and candy! lol (just kidding need to send a diet intervention my way! )

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