Thursday, March 06, 2008

wouldn't it be nice?

I always hear of people taking these really exciting vacations...going to Europe for a couple of weeks...going to Australia...spending a week skiing in Coloroda..yadda, yadda, yadda.

I've never been someone who has taken really exciting vacations...and that's kind of pathetic. I don't know why. I guess it takes a good deal of planning and saving and what not. Plus, I've always been the kind of person who wanted to use their vacation time to relax at home since vacations always tire you out more than rest you up, etc.

I really wanna be one of those people who does take vacations...who goes on fun trips or long weekends. I did mention to a few friends over a year ago...hoping to make a trip to Florida and do the whole Disney thing. Of course, I'd also be going to see my family and that adorable little nephew of mine. It seemed like an exciting trip to plan at the time, but none of us have really made any roads to even thinking about it, let alone planning it. And, it doesn't help that my friends and I haven't found time to hang out IN TOWN, let alone plan a trip down South for a week or more. Plus, there is the money factor. I always have money saved, so in all honesty...I could go anytime, but well...most of my friends aren't in that situation. So...I don't see that trip happening any time soon, which makes me sad.

But I wanna be a traveler...even if it means planning and going on trips solo. I want to spend more time in Florida with my family and seeing the sites. I want to go on a cruise. The idea of a cruise just seems to exciting to me. I want to make it out to the West Coast and California sometime. I'd love to spend a weekend or even longer in one of the hotels Las Vegas. I don't think I'd even need to gamble (who am I kidding...I'd play a little, but I'm cheap enough to not lose much money at all).

So...not matter how, I want to start being more of a traveler and an adventurer. I want to look for opportunities and stop being such a home body all the time. I might even start a traveling savings account...and decide I can only use that money for fun trips.

So, where should I go first?

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