Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy and fun Saturday....

Ah...the weekend is almost over. How did that happen so fast? I'm happy to report that I did get my run in on Saturday. It was raining when I got up, but it quickly I strapped on my shoes and headed out. I didn't eat enough before heading out, so I ran out of gas and stopped at 4 miles, but still...FOUR MILES. I'm not complaining.

Saturday was also my roomie's bday. It was one of those birthdays that ends with a ZERO. I won't say which'll have to figure it out. We went to the movies and then watched a rented movie. We went to see Vantage Point, which was pretty good. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but I did. I thought it was cool how they showed the same 20 minutes from a bunch of people's different views...hence why it is called Vantage Point. There was a guy sitting a few rows behind us who was SO annoyed every time the movie went back to the same starting point...I guess he didn't google the plot before going to see it. The rented movie we watched was Dan In Real Life. It was cute...and Steve Carell and Dane Cook with both quite funny.

What did I get my roomie for her bday? Well...I made a mint no bake cheesecake for her to take and eat with her family. I knew it wasn't on my diet, so I was glad she could enjoy it with them. She said it was good and they liked fact, I think her sister got very excited about it. LOL I also got her 2 books about MS, health and weight loss. She's doing all the research she can and they have a lot of ideas and meals plans in I hope she finds them helpful. I also got her some smelly stuff from Tar-get...and some pistachios...cause they are yummy and she likes them. I think that's it...oh yeah...and a kick @rse card.

Saturday was kind of a busy day...which is kind of nice since I usually am not the Queen of Productive and Running around. What have I done today? Well...maybe if you are lucky, I will save that for another entry. *winks*

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