Monday, March 24, 2008

What else to talk about on a Monday?

Yep, that's's I thought I should update how the health and fitness plan o' Shelley is doing. As I said before, I am glad I got my run in on Saturday...I can't believe the race is this Sunday. I think I keep letting myself forget, so I don't completely freak out. I feel ready though...I know I am not going to run it fast, but honestly...I don't care...I know I am fit and in shape to finish the race and I wasn't there last year...heck, I wasn't there in January. I was remembering in January...the first time I went out for a run. I had been rocking the elliptical, so I thought..."Hey, running isn't much I'll just jog out a mile and then come back." I headed out...I walked to the edge of my apartment complex and then I started running...and within a 1/4 of a mile, I was out of breath and walking. I felt so defeated. I started to think that even though I lost this weight...and I am in better shape...that I still can't run even a mile.

Then, I went home...and decided I was not giving up. I made a plan...and decided to keep going. The next time...I ran a little farther before I slowed to a walk...and then a couple weeks later, I ran over to my dad's house...and was able to run 2.5 miles without stopping...then 3 miles...then 3.5...then I went for 5...and made it. I am more proud of myself for not giving up than I am for being able to job continuously for 5 miles. This process has reminded me what is possible...if you don't give up when faced with a challenge.

Alright...enough of that sounds like a Tony Robbins motivation speech...and eww! On to the bare bones of the weigh-in report. I've been trying to stop losing weight...and so far, I am still struggling to figure that out. It's slowly getting better...but I still don't have the balance yet. I weighed in this morning...and lost 2 more lbs this week for a total of 79 lbs. Holy bejesus! I think part of that I am pushing cardio hard lately in preparation for the race coming up. After Sunday, I am going to switch from cardio focused to weight training focused. I won't stop running or the elliptical, but it won't be the prime focus. Another thing I am working trying to bump my calories up. I have gotten really used to the calories I was, it seems like I am stuffing myself with food in the last couple of weeks. It's all about food selection though.....for lunch, I can have a huge salad, a big bowl of yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit, some whole wheat crackers and some cottage cheese...all for under 300 calories. Or I can have a sandwich...with high sodium meat, mayo, bread and potato chips....which is much less food...and much more calories.'s all about choices. I've truly learned to make some nice choices...and not wasting my calories on things.

OK...I am watching Dancing With The Stars...and watching Penn from Penn & Teller dance is just flippin' hilarious, so I gotta get back to it! *winks*

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