Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oyster Joke...and some seriousness too!

People at my office love cheesy jokes...we seem to not be able to get enough of them. One of my co-workers...just told me this joke the other day...get ready...cause it's so corny and's so pathetic, I think that is what makes it funny:

A female oyster walks into a bar and sees a cute, male oyster eyeing her up and down. She walks over and says, "Is that a pearl in your shell or are you just happy to see me?"

Yep...that's the kind of jokes we like people. We're sad. We're pathetic. Welcome to our world.

And now...since I am a vegetarian and all...I'd thought I share some of the dangers of eating raw oysters. I know the reputation...and "why" people eat them. I don't eat oysters anyways...being veggie and all, but for certain people who have high-risk conditions, it can be really risky. Gulf oysters which are eaten raw can be dangerous for people with diabetes, liver disease, cancer, stomach problems, etc. I was surprised to hear about the diabetes. I have diabetics all throughout my family. My mom was a diabetic, my dad is a diabetic, my aunt is a diabetic. I guess it can lead to infections and serious illness from a bacteria that is in the oysters. They say the bacteria is killed when it is cooked, but if you eat it raw...not so much.

So, I know raw oysters are supposed to help people get into the MOOD and all...but think about it next time and order something else off the menu!

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