Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Tuesday y'all....

Since I had yesterday off work...and of course an extra day off should make you more rested and a better worker, but in reality...it just makes me wanna stay home another day and then another one. It's not that my job sucks or anything, but well...you know what I mean.

There are just so many other more important things I could be doing right now...like working out...or doing laundry...or watching TV...or playing on the internet (but aren't you playing on the internet right now??? Shhhh!), etc. Just kidding...but yeah, it is real easy to get real used to just doing nothing all day long.

Oh, I meant to update about my Sunday too, but I never did...that holiday all about Shelley being Irish got me distracted. lol For Lent, I gave up candy, pizza and soda...which were no-brainers since I am not eating candy or pizza anyways...and haven't had a soda in a long time. There were a few instances when I wanted a soda, but saying NO was super easy. Lent isn't over until Sunday...but right now, I am fully confident that I will make my goal.

The other thing I did for Lent was not quite giving up...but increasing my dedication. I pledged to put more money in the offertory for 6 weeks...to attend church for every one of the 6 weeks of Lent (I am notorious for missing once a month, etc)...and to find new ways to get involved in things at church.

Well...the 6 church services of Lent have come and gone...and I went all six times. I am so glad I dedicated myself to this...because I do feel more connected to the church and the community. It's much easier to fade into the woodwork when you don't show up each and every week. I have a "spot" in church why I sit...and one week, I showed up late and someone else was in "my spot" and the people who sit down from me...noticed. So, that reminded me that when you are in church...you are noticed and when you aren't...you are missed.

I also found new ways to get involved. I have been brining supplies for the dinners we've been having. We are having the weekend after next...and I am bringing lots of stuff and baking a cake...and maybe also a pie. And, I decided to join one of our fellowship committees. The committees are the church members who serve in different ways...we have about 10 different committees...and I signed up to be on the Outreach committee. I have never joined one before...so I am not sure what to expect, but I am happy I took the opportunity and initiative to sign up. I like the idea of the outreach one...because I want to see our church continue to be active globally and locally.

Now...my last church decision...is if I am going next week. I know...most people say, "It's Easter...everyone goes to church on Easter." Well, my mom and I used to always NOT go on Easter. My mom just didn't like that it wasn't about what it was supposed to be about. It oftens end up being about the cute little dresses your kid wears or who looks nicest...not about well...Easter and Jesus and all that jazz. I am thinking I am going to go. I go to the early service, so I think it'll be less of the kid parade...and well, I've gotten in the habit of going. But we'll see...

Alright...enough about church, it's lunch time and I am hungry!