Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm a happy kid...cause it's Friday!

Hey y'all.....Happy Friday! I am glad it is the end of the week...and that the weekend is upon us.

Anyone have any fun and exciting plans this weekend? Not too much for me...just more of the same ol', same old. I hope to get a run in on Saturday morning, but right now I am not sure if the weather is going to work with me. We are supposed to get some rain and possibly sleet tonight...and then there is going to be a window tomorrow until late morning and then it is starting all over again. So, my run will depend on how bad the sleet is...and what time late morning actually means. If it doesn't start until 10:30am or 11am...I could most likely get my run in before it, but if it starts spitting and being all nasty at like 9am...probably no run for me. So, cross your fingers that the weather holds least until I can get my running shoes on and across town.

And then, I am doing the standard shopping...and running a few errands. My dad and I might look for new patio furniture for the back porch. We have some, but it's kind of old...and therefore, ratty. I am not sure if we need new ones or if we just have to power wash the ones we pretty them up. I figure...we'll look around while we are puttering through Wal-Mart and Target during our Saturday shopping adventures.

I also have to make sure I get some much needed workouts in this weekend....I didn't workout on Wednesday or Thursday this week. I woke up with a huge charlie horse on Tuesday morning...and the pain lingered around for a few days. So, lower right leg felt like it wanted to fall off. I did think that running on the elliptical was probably a bad idea then, eh? I massaged the bejesus out of my calf muscle last night...and took a nice, hot shower and massaged it again...and feels so much better this morning. I'll be hitting the elliptical tonight...hopefully running tomorrow...and elliptical or weights on Sunday. I usually skip working out on Sunday, but not since I skipped two days during the week.

Alright...that's about all I have for updates. I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend! Hugs all around....

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