Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Weigh-In and what stress will teach you...

Hi all! I woke up on Monday morning...with my legs a little sore and my knee kind of barking at me. But...I still felt good. Those aches were reminders of the race I ran, so I kind of smiled and grimaced at the same time. I usually do more of a cool down walk than I did yesterday AND I usually go shopping with my afterwards so I walk for another hour or so around stores...and yesterday after the race, I spent some time watching the TV...and that's about it.

Let's get to the weigh-in...I stepped on the scale and I lost another pound this week. At least it wasn't two! Since I have been pushing cardio so hard in preparation for the race, I was not surprised. Now that the race has come and gone...I can change my focus from cardio centered to weight training. I am starting the Body for Life 12 Week Challenge. It has you doing weight training 3 times per week and cardio 3 times per week. I will be doing a lot less cardio though...only 20 minutes at a time. So, I think it will be a nice, new change.

I think I am going to stop doing the weekly weigh-ins over there on the site. I am going to change the format...and report if I am in my range or not. I am going to give myself a 10 lb. range...and right now, I am at the bottom of that range since I would actually like to gain some weight. As soon as I am within the range, I'm cool. And then...if for 3 months, I stay within range...I am going to give myself a maintenance reward. So...that's my plan, Stan!

And what is this I mentioned about stress? Well...this morning, I went down to start my car and it wouldn't start. I often have a security issue with my I didn't think it was a big deal, but then I realized it still wasn't starting. I wasn't sure if it just needed a jump...or if it was the starter or the alternator...or if it was the security system finally going belly up. My dad is a doll...and took me to work. I knew I couldn't deal with it until I got home. And..once I got to work, what was going to be a quiet, easy day turned into a busy day...where I had to spend the whole morning in the jail dealing with something I wasn't expecting.

So, I came back from the jail right before lunch...a tad bit stressed. What makes me happy about all this stress is how I dealt with it. One of my main issues with long term weight management is that I have always been an emotional eater. Overall, I eat pretty healthy...but when life sucks or when I am stressed out, I tend to go right to emotionally eating. What made me happy that I didn't even think about ordering a pizza or getting some crap food out of the vending machine. Being on this plan...made me deal with my emotions and not feed them. I learned to recognize I was stressed...and realize that everything was out of my control. Once I did that...I calmed right down and I was in a great mood. So, I've lost a bunch of into better shape physically...but I've also dealt with the internal/emotional issues I have with food. With

BTW- AAA came and jumped my car...and it runs. I figured out the problem...and need a repair down the line, but dodged a bullet for right now.

Hugs all...Happy Monday!

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