Thursday, March 27, 2008

what type of friend are you????

One of my goals in to work on my friendships with a lot of people. I've kind of isolated myself as of late...and I don't want to do it anymore. So, I am going to reach out and reconnect.

It got me really thinking...and if I am completely honest...which I try to be...I don't really have that many friends. Those close friends that you hang out with and share everything with. Those relationships...are very few and far between in my life. Probably my closest relationship is with my dad. I adore him...and not just because he is my father, but because he might be the most fabulous human being on the planet. I've always felt that way about him...and I just feel even closer to him in the last year since we've spent a lot of time leaning on one another. The only other really close person I have in my day to day my roomie. We have a lot in common and have a good time together...and share our lives, etc. She's a doll and I feel honored to not only call her a friend, but a close friend.

I have other close friends who aren't in my life. There is my childhood best friend. She lives in town, but we just haven't made time to see one another. It's completely my fault...since it just hasn't worked out. I fully commit and plan to see a lot more of her. She's someone who no matter what...loves me and supports me. I love her so much for that....and wish I had made more time to spend with her. We're going to get together soon.

And then there is my best friend from college...she's someone who no matter how long time goes in between seeing one another or talking, things are the same. She's a kindred spirit...I guess (Wow...can you tell I like Anne of Green Gables with that statement). Our lives have changed...she's married with 2 little rugrats, but no matter what...we just adore each other. She lives in Vermont...and I am planning a trip to see her very soon. I have another really good friend from college...who is always trying to get me to come out and visit her. I wish she lived across town...or across campus, like the good ol' days because then I would be seeing her and her family all the time.

There was a long time when I wouldn't have called my brother my friend. I've always loved him...since the moment I was born...and I'd say the feeling was mutual. But at the same time...while growing up...we loved each other, but didn't like each other very much. We were just very different people growing up. I think becoming adults...we truly grew into being friends. He and his family live in, it's always fun to visit, but I wish he lived closer so I could see them all more often. I think the world of him great he is as a dad...and just how much he has blossomed into an amazing human being. I see so much of my mom in him...and that's truly a beautiful thing.

Now...most everyone else in my life fits into those friend "categories"...but I wouldn't call them close friends. Maybe they were once, but now...not so much. Sometimes time just passed...sometimes we just didn't prioritize hanging. We all have those categories...the "work" friends who you adore at work, but you just don't hang out with outside of that setting....the "email/blog" friends who you catch up through email or a blog, but don't hang out...the "long distance" friends who you adore, but are forced to adore from a far, etc.

Ok, I'm babbling....I guess my point is that I adore the close friends I have in my life and just wish I had more. So, don't be surprised if you get a call from me sometime soon...and see if we can find some time to hang. Hugs all.

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