Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday= Weigh-In!

Hi's Monday and of course, that means it is weigh-in day. I had a really good...really nice weekend. I got my run in on Saturday....worked out on the elliptical on Sunday and what not. I felt really strong and healthy.

I am still losing weight in transition, but this week...hopefully that will stop or at least slow down. I am adding back in grains and bread this morning...I am eating some Multigrain cheerios right now. Mmmm....I also bought some english muffins and some Special K cereal. Yummilicious!

Anyways...I said I did lose weight this week and yep, I lost 3 lbs this week. I was actually surprised this morning when I stepped on the scale. I weigh everyday...because well, I like to know how I am doing on a daily basis. It drives some people nuts, but not me...instead it gives me good information because I don't get emotional about what the scale says. Well, my weight was holding at 1 lb lost...all the way up to Sunday morning. jumped from 1 lb to 3 lbs from Sunday to Monday. It shouldn't be that shocking since I often lose more over the weekend...I'll stay the same all week long and then drop my weight between Saturday and Monday morning.

So, I lost weight...and didn't even mean to. I think part of the issue is I have been pushing working out because I am training for the race coming up in 2 weeks. If my weight continues to go down, I will add even more food. It's shocking how much food you CAN eat when you eat the right types of foods. Quality verses quantity.

NEWS FLASH: I went to Target today....looking for any good sales and hopefully to buy a pair of pants or two. I have some that don't fit at all anymore, even with a belt. Well...guess who bought a size 8 pair of pants today? I DID! They weren't on sale, but I liked I splurged. And by splurge...I mean that I spent 20 bucks on a pair of pants. I would like to though buy some engraved plaques that say, "Hey I wear a size 8!!!!" and wear it around my neck constantly...Flavor Flav style. Holy carp people! I never thought I would be a person wearing single digit clothing..ever. The smallest I was the last time I lost weight was a 12...and then I bought some size 10 pants back in January. And every single size 10 I tried on today...was too big. So, I grabbed some 8s...and every single one fit and some were LOOSE. Holy bejesus! Can you tell I am a little excited???

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