Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mid-week report...

It's Wednesday....which means it is Hump Day y'all. We are over the hump and closer to Friday. Plus, this is the Wednesday after what the news reporters were calling Super Tuesday 2. Hillary won Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas...and Barack won Vermont. I've written before that I am a Hillary fan, but part of me just wants this battle to the nominee to be over...and I've crunched the numbers and it looks matter's probably going to go Obama's way. I just don't want to see the Democratic Party spending ALL their time fighting each other...while McCain and the Republicans are uniting and preparing for the real fight, the general election.

Anything else really going on in my life? Not a lot. My roommate's birthday is coming up soon. I've never really been the kind of person who likes to celebrate my birthday, but I know my roomie is. So, we're trying to find something to do...even if it is just a movie and hanging out, etc. And of means I gotta get cracking on buying her gift. I always want to get special gifts that mean something to the person...not just a gift card or a neutral gift. I always want the gift to be something that shows them I thought of "them" specifically. Don't get me wrong...I've bought gift cards before and in all honesty, I like getting them...but still. Hmm, maybe I will buy her lingerie
(just kidding...but I sure got your attention, didn't I?). I'm gonna poke around the shops this weekend when I am running errands and what not...and see what I can find. I always just keep looking until at some point...I come across the perfect gift.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week...and has fabulous plans for the weekend. I don't, but well...I live a pretty boring, grandma lifestyle.

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