Sunday, March 16, 2008

What the hella?

I was talking with my dad this morning after church...and he said something about his friend at work getting a new truck and how cool the Hella lights were. I immediately knew I was a female because I said...What is hella? I just barely learned what a Hemi is. What is hella? Is it what people say now instead of Hollah when something cool happens?? *giggles*

My dad said he didn't even know what it was until his friend at work explained...that it is the high beam lights that come on a lot of trucks now...and even some cars. I wonder if it is the bright blue lights that I often see. Remember all those commercials that had that hickish guy saying, "Got a hemi??" It's only a matter of time before we see Ford commercials with some guy saying, "Get a hella??"

Yep..I am not a car girl. What I know of cars gets me from point A to point B. If I need to know more...this girl calls her daddy.

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