Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reality TV Brain Dump

Well, I've written before that I am a reality tv watcher....I try to not watch, but sucks me in. So, here is some of my random thoughts on some of the reality tv out there that I watch...often shamefully, but well...I do.

Dancing With The Stars: The newest season just started last week. I like this show. I wish I knew how to dance like that. I know I could take classes, but well....I also know I won't. Anyways...I am annoyed already at this season. Why? One of the people I was looking forward to watching dance is Monica Seles. I loved her as a tennis player. She didn't dance very well...but I felt the judges were WAY TOO harsh on her. She got the lowest scores both nights and she was not the worst dancer on the floor. People like Penn and Adam Carolla were barely dancing....and they both got better scores than her. It just didn't seem fair...and of course, her scores sucked, so she went home last night. Just not fair. They should score everyone on the same standard...and that definitely didn't happen. And my other pet peeve...I don't think Kristi Yamaguchi should be able to be in the competition. She is a professional figure skater, so that is basically dancing on ice. I just think it makes it a less fair competition...since she has such an advantage. One of the judges said to Kristi on Monday all shocked..."I can't believe you've never danced before." Umm...she's a freakin' figure skater. *rolls eyes* And who I would like to win...Marissa Jaret Winokur (so adorable and so talented) or Shannon Elizabeth (cute and think she's a pretty decent dancer).

American Idol: I hate that I watch this show, but yes I watch it. Last year there was Sanjaya...and this year, the one that has little to no talent, but stays week after week seems to be Kristy Lee Cook. She's not one is who makes it, but in comparison to the 2 people who have gone home last...she's just dreadful. She's cute...and Simon is mean to her, so people are voting. But come on...send her HOME already. I hope she goes home tonight...if anything is right in the world, she will...but since AI is the devil, it probably means she's stay put.

Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp Edition: I love this show. I've said I can't stand The Biggest Loser...but CFC, I just adore. This season they are bringing back 4 former members and having them compete against 4 newbies. Usually the celebs are on the D-List...completely, but this season...I barely know who the new people are. But, what is the vets who are back...mainly, Dustin "Screech" Diamond. On his season...he went bat shit crazy and it was fabulous to watch. Now, he's do it all over again. He doesn't seem as nutjob crazy this time, but still lazy as all hell...and not very motivated to lose weight. I do think he's trying though...which is so much more than last time. What was interesting in last week's that the team elected him captain. Harvey...the Boot Camp guy said it was a mistake. What I found interesting is Tina Yothers (Family Ties) response to that...since she is the natural leader on that team. She said that she believed in Dustin...and that being the leader would help him make the changes he is hoping to make. Harvey said he didn't buy it. What was interesting to me as a social that she knows that change does not happen overnight. She knows that it will be a struggle, but that change will probably never happen if you don't believe it is possible. It was just an interesting response to a reality tv show. See...I can see social work in everything.

Alright...enough babble about reality to probably watch some more.

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