Friday, February 08, 2008


Thank God It Is Friday....this week has just dragged for me. I had this Monday off work and I have next Friday off work, so each day in between...has just taken FOREVER.

Plus, we got a pretty nasty ice storm Wednesday night into Thursday. It was pouring rain and then freezing rain and then snow on top of that. When I got up on Thursday, I looked outside...and it didn't look too bad. Well...until I got out to my car to warm it up before cleaning it off. My car was covered with at least a 1/2 inch of ice, if not more. I pulled and pulled on the door and COULD NOT get it open. I wondered if my lack of door opening abilities was going to keep me home from work. Well, I refuse to let the ice I got the key to my dad's van out from my keychain...and started stabbing it along the seam of the door. (I used my dad's key because with my luck...the key would break and if it was the key to either my car or the apartment...umm, that would be bad). The key didn't break and after about 10 minutes of hacking away...and then pulling like mad on the door...rinse and repeat, etc. I FINALLY got the door open...and crawled inside and turned the car on. I cleaned off some of the car...and then went inside to wait for it to warm up and start to de-ice.

With all of that ice related drama...I was only 15 minutes late for work. Go me! We all know I love snow...but this ice business, I could do without it.

Oh...and last night, I was doing weight lifting instead of cardio, so my muscles are just a tad sore and tired this morning. I woke up...was getting ready and went down to warm up my car and my door was frozen shut again. I pulled on the door...and felt every single muscle in my arm. lol. Luckily, the door opened with only a little nudging because if it was going to take arms didn't have it in them today.

Oooh...again. I forgot to mention. They opened up the registration this week, so I officially signed up for the 5 mile race in March. I sent in the money...and ah, it feels so good to be official. I am really looking forward to it. I planning on running again to my dad's tomorrow long as the roads aren't still covered in ice. I jogged 3.5 miles last Saturday, so I am aiming for a full 4.5 or 5 miles this Saturday. I have it measured all out, so as long as my legs stay with should be doable.

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday...and has a fabulous weekend. I don't have a lot planned. Jogging to dad's on Saturday...running shopping. Church on Sunday...and sometime this week a quick clean of the apartment.

Hugs all...

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