Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cleanse away....

I went to BJ's with my dad this weekend....I love that store. I think it feeds the part of me that LOVES getting a deal on stuff. I bought some protein shake powder...and some vitamins...a bag of candy for work. I used to buy a lot of snack food there, but haven't lately since much of it just isn't as healthy as I used to think it was.

When I was over in the vitamin section...I saw all these cleanse products. They intrigue me. I had seen the ones for the colon cleanse before. I want to do more research on them. I wonder if they are effective, if they work. I know a lot of people buy them hoping to lose a few pounds doing just that. That's not why I would like to try it. I've been eating pretty low carb/high protein for months now...and I heard that it can hard on colon over time. So, if a product like this...can help maintain my colon's health...that's a good thing, eh? I just don't know if they work...how they work...why they work. Hmm, it's time to use google search and read up. (What did we do before the internet??? lol)

Another cleanse I saw was a liver cleanse. I had never heard of that at all before. I read the bottle and it says it really helps with gallbladder function. My immediate response was...it's probably something alcoholics should use since their liver gets damaged so much, but is it something we all could use? Well, the liver is the organ that takes all of the toxins out of our body, so maybe. I am not as interested in this one as I am in the colon cleanse...but, it definitely is something I wanna read up on.

I need to go see a new PCP doctor within the next month...and I am going to ask him/her about these cleanse products and see what they say. I know that we lived for a long, long time without them, but in the age of processed foods and additives in everything we eat, maybe it would help more than hurt.

Has anyone ever tried a cleanse?? What did you think of it? Do you recommend it? Google search can tell me a lot of info, but personal stories are always great information.

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