Sunday, February 17, 2008

the little train that could...

After the first of the year, I decided I really wanted to run a local race in March. I've talked about it before. I don't know why it felt so important to me to run this race...but it did. I have a few, it's a St. Patty's Day run (even though it's after the holiday) and two, it would seem like a great show that my level of fitness is where I want it to be.

At first, I thought it was a 5K run. I convinced myself that no matter what....I should be able to handle a 5K. When I went out to try running for the first time....and within a mile...felt like I was dying, I was not so sure about this whole 5K business. But, I thought...I CAN DO IT. I WILL DO IT.

Then I got on the race's website...and my heart sank. It wasn't a 5K race, it was a 5 MILE race. Holy bejesus! I had some serious doubts that I would be able to run for 5 miles...since I was still trying to convince myself I could run for 3.1 miles (5K).

The tides started to turn a few weeks back when I headed out on my Saturday run to my dad's house. I ran for 33 minutes without stopping....and ran 2.5 miles. I was shocked and hopeful. Then the next week, I went 3.5 miles. The next week, I went 4 miles. So, not only did I run farther than a 5K, but I was getting very close to that 5 mile mark that made my heart sink about a month ago.

This Saturday...the goal was to run the 5 miles. I mapped it out...and had a plan. It was flippin' cold on Saturday. It was about 15 degrees when I headed out the door. As I did my warm up walk, I considered turning around...since my legs were numb and as I continued, my lower lip got numb. Nuts, right? But I kept going. As I started jogging...I warmed right up and all was right with the world. I kept jogging...I jogged the 2.5 miles I did in week 1...the 3.5 miles I did in week 2...the 4 miles I did in week 3...and then I kept trucking on. The last mile was more hilly than the rest...but I trudged on.

All in all...I jogged 5.2 miles. OMFG...for someone who started out not being able to run for a mile without huffing and puffing and having to stop to walk...I went for 5 miles without freezing cold weather. I didn't jog very fast, but I don't care...I kept jogging.

In the next month, I am going to focus on picking up my speed a little bit...but not today, today a just enjoy the fact that someone who never thought she could run...ran 5 miles...and a little.

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