Friday, September 14, 2007

beauty queen katy

So, I was watching that TV show MADE on MTV. I think the show is both sad and awesome. I think it is interesting how someone wants to be made into something completely different, but once they find out it might actually be hard...the whine and complain and basically threaten to quit. Really? Doing something different should be easy as pie, eh?

Anyways...I digress. My roommate and I were watching a marathon of MADE on MTV. The last episode we watched...was this girl in Vermont who was the definition of tomboy. And of course, she wanted to be made into a beauty queen so that the boys would notice how hot she was and want to date her. The fact that they didn't address the complete lack of self esteem of this girl was heart breaking, but none the less.

On this girl's journey to be a beauty queen...her MADE coach was none other than the former Miss Vermont, Katy Johnson. Did I mention I went to college with Katy Johnson?? Here is a pic of all her beauty pageant glory:

She's a pretty girl...without a doubt. I will say it brought me such joy that in the MADE episode, it kept showing close ups of Katy...and good god, her skin is horrible. She's still a Monet kind of way. She's pretty til you get up close and see how bumpy and splotchy her skin is. Eww. Did I mention that I loathe Katy with a passion? I am sure you are asking yourself why....and well, I'll tell you a story. Get some popcorn...and have a seat.

Okay, so Katy transferred to my college during my senior year. Why? Because she was in Florida and competed in Miss Florida...and lost, horribly. Katy wasn't ready to give up on her Miss America she decided to move to a new state. Vermont wasn't a bad choice...because if you look at the girls who usually win from Vermont...well, they are much less plasticy and sometimes might have hay stuck in their teeth. So, Katy had a pretty good chance of winning the whole shebang.

So...she transferred in for the spring semester. She moved from Florida to Vermont in the middle of winter...and I remember the day she showed up...and didn't bring a coat. Anyways...not why I loathe her.

I had a class with Katy. It was a small class...only 5 people in the class and 3 of them were named Katy. So, myself and the other classmates...gave nicknames to all the other Katys. One was mousy Katy...cause, well...she's mousy. One was just Katy...cause well, she's cool and there is no other. And then there was Beauty Queen Katy...cause well..duh. She was always perfect...well done up...especially since it was a film class and the instructor often worked on films during the summer session, so Katy wanted to look her best. One of the other Katys and I had lunch with our professor and he called Katy "Beauty Queen Katy." The fact that our nickname made it to the prof...well, it just made me giggle. Anyways...not why I loathe Beauty Queen Katy.

So...Katy competed in Miss Vermont and won...not a shock. It was kind of a given. And that summer she stayed on campus to prepare for Miss America. I was staying on campus as well...and was the RA for the dorm that Katy and I were living in. She was staying in my suite. We didn't talk much.

Okay...this is why I loathe Katy. Everyone needs to have a platform when they are in pageants. It's either "World Peace" or "End AIDS now" or "Childhood Literacy", etc. So, what was Katy's platform??? It was a abstinence platform...mainly not drinking or having sex. Now..I don't have a problem with that platform if Katy wasn't a huge walking hypocrite. How, you say? Well...Katy and I shared a bathroom, a wall and a hallway. So...let me just say that she didn't live by her platform. There were beer bongs in the bathroom...and I could hear her drunken stumbling around the hallway when she came home from the frats. And...she also brought a frat boy home from time to time...and I have ears.

So...if you are going to have a platform of not doing something...well then maybe you shouldn't do those things. You make a platform that judges other young girls for doing the same things that YOU ARE DOING.

*grumbles* And oh yeah...Katy didn't make it past the first cut in the Miss America pageant....two years in a row. Boo hoo for Katy. See that was Katy's real pageant flaw in moving to Vermont. Of course she could win Vermont...cause she would be up against real girls, but well...we all know that that a Miss Vermont is never going to win Miss America or even place for gosh darn sakes.

So there is my..."I know Miss Vermont and she is a whore" story. It amuses me and I attempt to share it with as many people as possible. If you claim to be the virgin mary, but in reality...are a drunken whore...that's a story I am going to tell.

EDIT: When I was doing a google search to find a pic of Beauty Queen Katy...I found this website. Yes, some guy told some story about Katy being a drunk and a whore...and she sued him and won. But's been indexed on google, so if you wanna read the away.

Now the icing on the cake...would be if Beauty Queen Katy sued me. I dare ya! Hey, at least this entry amused me...if not anyone else.

And no...I don't loathe Katy just because she's a beauty queen and I am sporting some extra pounds. *glares*

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