Monday, February 18, 2008

A day off, a weigh-in and a sick roomie...

Hey's Monday aka Weigh-In day. I like having Mondays off from work (President's Day) because I can get up, lounge around and then do my weekly weigh-in. I forgot to not set my it went off at 7am, but that's ok. I got up and then weighed in at around 7:30am...and started about my day...getting my breakfast...yadda yadda.

So, how did it go? I lost 2 lbs last week for a total of 67 lbs. I started transition on Friday, so the weight loss will probably slow down or stop altogether. Last week, I was only in transition phase for a few days, so I am not surprised I lost a couple of pounds. I have set a transition and maintenance range...between 65 and 70 lbs lost. So, I would be cool if I lost a couple of more pounds...since I imagine I might get some rebound pounds when I start adding a bunch of stuff back in.

I ran on the elliptical today. I have been doing interval training lately with my elliptical. I have been running normal speed for 4 minutes and then going as fast as I could for one minute...and then go at normal speed for another 4 minutes...over and over. I hope that this will help my endurance as I start running for speed and distance.

Let's see...other than that...the only other interesting info around these parts is that my poor roomie is sick as a dog. She started coughing a little here or there a few days ago...when she swore she wasn't sick...but, well...the sickness gods had other ideas. She is coughing up a storm now....and her throat sounds horrible. I feel for my roomie and hope she gets better too, but at the same time...I am terrified of getting sick. Every time she coughs...I wince. I have been taking some echinacea for weeks and I have Zicam in the apartment, if I need it. I won't make the mistake my roomie did...and think it isn't a cold for a couple days...instead, if it hits...I hope to use some prevention and knock it out.

I also spent the afternoon cleaning the apartment. It was on my agenda anyways...since it needs it and it hadn't been cleaned for a few weeks, but since my roomie is sick...I definitely needed to clean it. I cleaned the kitchen...cleaned the bathroom and wiped down the furniture in the living room. This week, I am going to make a cleaning schedule...and post it on the fridge. I want to keep the cleaning it doesn't turn messy so quickly. It seems that roomie and I don't seem to notice the messiness until it is pretty bad...and for the past few months, that's just not cutting it for me. I wanna clean because it's what you should do...not because the apartment is so messy, you have no choice. I wanna to treat it like how you think of brushing your teeth. Do you only clean your teeth when you notice how dirty and gross they are?? Of course not. You brush your teeth twice a day...because you are supposed to and it keeps them clean...always. So, I want cleaning the apartment to be like that for me. That's my plan at least.

Alright...I'm watch some crap tv...and lounge around on my day off. Enjoy the day...if you are working or not. And if you wanna...send me some healthy thoughts that I don't get this nasty cold my roomie has. *crosses fingers*

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