Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday Recap....

Last night, I watched some of the results come in...but got tired and fell asleep and figured that the news would do nothing but update me this morning.

So, how did Super Tuesday turn out for the candidates??

Delegates Count (Stats taken from I have found different numbers on a bunch of different sites).

Democratic Side (Candidate needs 2,025 votes to win nomination)
Clinton Delegates: 582
Obama Delegates: 485

Republican Side (Candidate needs 1,191 votes to win nomination)
McCain Delegates: 516
Romney Delegates: 207
Huckabee Delegates: 142

For the looks like McCain and slowly, but SURELY inching towards the nomination. Romney and Huckabee can try, but I don't think anyone can catch him now.

Democratic Recap...I will talk about this more, because it is my party and two, because it is still very much a contested race.

States Clinton Won: California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts

States Obama Won: Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Colorado, North Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Alabama, Georgia, Connecticut, Delaware

Obama won more states than Hillary, but Hillary won the big states that she needed to. Hillary won New York, California and Massachusetts. NY was expected, but because of big endorsements in CA and MA...that was pretty unexpected. So, what does it all mean??? Well...we don't really know right now. I think they are still trying to find out who exactly gets how many delegates, but it looks like Obama won more states, but Clinton might have won just a smidge more delegates.

It'll be interesting to see where the race goes from here. Honestly, I wish one candidate would just outshine the other, so the party would fall in line behind one candidate instead of battling with itself between two wonderful candidates. I think the next big race is Texas...who holds a bunch of delegates as well. Obama has done well in the South so far, but Clinton is also showing promise in Texas.

Who knows and I don't think any of us are going to know for a while.

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