Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday....

*giggles* That's right...today is not only Super Tuesday, but it is also Fat Tuesday.

So, if you live in one of the 22 states that is having a primary today....don't forget to get out and vote. NY is one of those states, so I will be heading to the polls once I get out of my dentist appt this afternoon. There have never been this many states on Super Tuesday before...it's as close to a national primary as we have ever had. I have never hidden who I am going to vote for....I'm a democrat, so I will be voting in that primary and casting my vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am not voting against Obama, but I just feel that Hillary is the most qualified candidate to lead the country.

I guess I should rant about one of my pet peeves....not voting. I don't know how many people I have come across in the last few weeks who have no intention of voting in the primary...and some more who aren't registered to vote, etc. I consider it an honor to be able to vote...and have a voice in our system. For decades...women before me championed and sacrificed so that I could have the simple right to vote...so, in many ways...I consider not voting a slap in their faces. With freedom and democracy...comes responsibility. When most people tell me they aren't voting...here are the main reasons: 1) The system is so corrupt...I don't want to be a part of it. 2) My vote doesn't really count anyways. 3) I don't like any of the candidates, so why bother. And...some of that argument is right on the money, but I don't think it is reason not to vote. Right now...our system says it is a democracy, but I am not sure it actually is. I do agree...that in many ways...it is bought and paid for. And, I have felt at times that my vote doesn't really count because of the way the electoral college works. But...there that just confirms my need to vote. I know the system will never change if only those who support the corruption vote in it...if only those who champion the status quo. I have often said that if everyone voted...our political system would be vastly different. In terms of statistics...people in poverty don't vote...so, why should a politician pay attention to their issues...when they don't come out to the polls. Let's say for example...Person #1 votes and Person #2 does not. There is a particular issue that is important to both people....Issue A. Person #1 is against issue A...and Person #2 is for issue A. Who is the politician more likely to listen to??? Person #1...because they vote. Yes, that's simplistic...and with lobbyist...things get more and more murky, but I still say...if we ALL voted, we'd be more powerful than the biggest, wealthiest lobby...because our votes ELECT people.

Alright...off my "You should vote" soapbox. At least for now.

And let's not forget Fat Tuesday is today too. Today is the day before Lent...when people are supposed to indulge in whatever they are going to give up for the next 6 weeks. My church is having its annual Pancake Supper tonight. And...for me...I am proud that this is the first Fat Tuesday where I am not actually fat. whoo hoo. I usually always order pizza for dinner tonight...because I give it up for Lent. Not this year though. I am still giving it up for Lent...candy too...but, not going to be eating it tonight. Instead, I like the idea of being in the healthy BMI range for Fat Tuesday.

I also decided to commit to church for the next 6 weeks. I am going to put more in the offertory...and go to church each week for the Lent period. It is sad how little I give each week...even though I make it up by making one or two big donations throughout the year...and bringing in items for dinners and church events, but still....I realized last week that I put more money in each week for our Lotto Club at work than I give to the church. Not right, not at all. So, I am giving a little more in the plate each week. It's still not a lot...but it's a step in the right direction. And going each and every week is something I need to do. I like going, but I usually end up taking at least one week off a month...and it's amazing how that one week can snowball into two...or three and then suddenly, I haven't been in a month. So...I will be at church for the Lent period...no ifs ands or butts about it.

Enjoy your Tuesday all...and if you are have a primary today....VOTE!!!!! *smirks*

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