Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Weigh-In 2/25

Hi's Monday, so of's weigh-in day.

Oh, I never updated about if I got to go on my run...and how it went. I did go on my run. The weather was alright...and even warm (for February). The temp was in the high it felt balmy compared to last week's run. I headed out...and planned on getting th 5.25 miles in. My main objective was to work on my time...and try to get a better pace. I ran the first mile as I usually do...and then every ten minutes I would run for at least one minute at a faster pace. I figured it was the best way to pick up my pace.

It worked....I ran a slow 15 minute mile last Saturday. It took me 75 minutes to run 5.2 miles. This week...I ran 5.25 miles and got it done in 62 minutes. Holy smokes. I am shocked I finished the same distance 13 minutes faster. I expected it to be a smidge better, but while I was running didn't seem all that much faster. If I do the math, I ran about a 12 minute mile...and for right now, I'll take it. I need to keep working on it before the race in March, but all in all...I am a happy, happy girl.

Okay...enough about running. What about this weigh-in? I started my transition program last week. Not a lot changed, but I am slowly adding things back in. So, since things weren't different...I wouldn't have been surprised if I still lost weight. And...I did. I lost 2 lbs this week for a total of 69 lbs this week. I can't believe I am one pound shy of having lost 70 lbs. That just seems nuts since at first...I thought it would be great if I could lose 45 lbs. I got to the point that I didn't want to do the job half assed like I have every time before. I didn't want to stop until it was done. And now...I am there.

Whoo to the hoo people!!!

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