Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring cleaning report...

Hi to all in the internet...and by all I mean the 5 or so people who read my little blog. Happy Tuesday to all y'all!

First off...I forgot to update my weight report yesterday. Oopsie! I weighed in and all...I just forgot to tell you all about it. I stepped on the scale on Monday morning and learned that I lost 3 lbs. So, I am a little down this week...but I still feel fit and strong, so I'm cool with it. I don't want the downward trend to continue though.

I think I am still figuring out what kind of calories I need on a daily basis to stay the same...given my level of exercise and activity. You see...I am kind of at both ends of the spectrum. To figure out your daily caloric needs...you use this little equation...that calculates based on your age, your height, your current weight and your activity level. Everything is obviously constant except for my activity level. You select different levels...which range from sedentary to highly active. So, I have struggled with which one to pick...because my day to day job...is pretty sedentary. I sit at a desk and talk on the phone...and type away. The most active it is...is walking to the bathroom or to the time clock or to the door to let a client in. So, not a heck of a lot. But...my activity level outside of work...is pretty active. I am working out 6x per week...and constantly on the move. And...the calorie range in the equation is pretty significant. If I pick sedentary it says I need about 1800 calories a day...if I pick active...it says something like 2400 calories a day. So, I've been ranging for something in the middle...and hope it all shakes out alright.

Alright, enough about weight...I bore even myself. I got majorly into Spring Cleaning mode this weekend...and it was long overdue. I got sick and tired of the apartment being a god awful mess. I mentioned that in my last entry...that I was skipping church to clean the apartment. I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom...and a quick clean of the living room (doesn't take much). I also went over to my dad's and helped him start to clean. We have a lot of clutter in that house and so there is a lot of stuff that just needs to be thrown away. I didn't get to my bedroom over the weekend, but I did make a dent in it yesterday. I was watching TV last night and instead of just sitting there like a bump on a log...I decided to get a garbage bag and start going through some things. I quickly picked up anything that was obviously garbage...and then started going through some boxes and baskets. I have a bunch of stuff in storage under my bed..and most of it, I don't even know what is in there...so, have I really needed it in the last 2 years? I am in the process of going through it all...and either saving it for a garage sale or just pitching it. I found some interesting things...I found an old journal from when I was in grad school. I read a little bit of it and it was nice to revisit those times. I found a box with a few wind chimes in it. I think I might put those in the garage sale box. They are nice...but well, I haven't used them...so I hope someone else enjoys them more than me. I found some old pictures too...from college days. I also found some old CDs that I haven't listened to in a long time. I am going to burn most of them to my laptop...and probably put some on my mp3 player. I want to get the clutter under control...so my room and the whole apartment is more useable.

So....the cleaning will continue...and hopefully get to where I want it to be. It's a nice sense of accomplishment though...to keep trucking away at something and have the end product show the work you did. I know cleaning isn't some special thing...that deserves a prize, but for a messy, clutterbug like me...it is a whole new world.

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