Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I wish I could say I celebrated Earth Day today by not driving to work...but alas, I didn't. I considered leaving early and walking, but I let my hectic day and the inconvenience stop me. I have plans with my mentee after work...so I wouldn't have time to leave work, walk home and then be able to be at her house in time to pick her up.

But none the less...Happy Earth Day y'all!

This weekend, I hope to do something to celebrate Earth Day...a couple of things actually. One, I am working on Saturday on a Community Involvement/Youth/Earth Day Project. We are cleaning up one of the local parks and trails...as well as trying to encourage people to use them for recreation. It should be a lot of fun...and the weather is still showing that Saturday should be nice out.

And secondly, I plan on buying a bike this weekend. I looked last weekend, but I am moving beyond looking...and now I am buying. I am going to get a bike...and start biking to work and anywhere I can. I am excited by it. One, it's better for the environment to not be tooling around in my car all the time. Two, it's definitely better in terms of rising cost of gas. "They" say that gas will definitely be over $4 a gallon this summer...and given the fact it's gone up 30 cents in 2 weeks, I believe "them." And three, it's instant exercise. I'll get a nice little spurt of exercise both to and from work each and every day. So, I'm excited to get myself a bike and start using it.

Are you doing anything in support of Earth Day????

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