Sunday, April 13, 2008

Long and Lean

I did get in major cleaning mode today...Spring is definitely in the air. I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, living room, helped my dad clean out one of the bedrooms we've been using for storage, did some laundry and started to work on getting my bedroom cleaned. I don't get the cleaning bug often...but when I do, I go like gangbusters.

Another thing I did I did some Yoga. I got a free yoga dvd in the mail and decided to try it. I've been a working out fool lately..doing cardio 3 times per week and strength training 3 times per week. I haven't done a lot of yoga lately, but I love it. Initially, I hated yoga...but that was years ago. I thought that yoga shouldn't be hard and should always be so serene and peaceful, so when yoga was kicking my booty...I hated it. I've since learned the benefits of yoga and really enjoy it. It works out those core muscles...increases stability and flexibility...and also gets a good sweat on. To be honest, when I hated yoga...I hated anything that reminded me I was doing exercise. Now, I love exercise and love yoga.

So, here is the DVD they sent me:

I really love this yoga dvd for a couple of reasons. One, it has three different yoga routines. It starts out with a beginner's session that lasts for about 30 minutes. It also has 2 other sessions that last a little over an hour. Why is that great? Well, because it isn't just a DVD you use a few times and get bored with it and have to find a new DVD. Once you get the gist of the first are now ready to move on to the second session. Each session builds upon the one before.

Another thing I love about this dvd is that it has a section with all the different moves and positions. One of the things I hate about new workout tapes is that it takes me a little over a week to get the moves order to actually be able to do the workout as you are supposed to. I usually just end up looking like a confused, ditzy dingbat for the first few times. With this can click on each position and the leader will slowly walk you through the position, how to get into it and how to do it. I think that's fantastic. The first thing I did when I got the flip through a few of the positions and give them a try. It made such a difference when I actually did session #1 this afternoon. I knew how to do the positions, so I got so much more out of the workout. The workout definitely got me sweating and I felt really strong when I was done. I can't wait until I am ready to move to session #2 and session #3.

Basically...I am a big fan of this dvd. I loved getting a free trial of it and would definitely buy more from the series. So, if you like yoga...check it out.

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