Monday, April 28, 2008

If you haven't seen it in 10 years, you probably don't need it...

As I said in my earlier entry....I've been helping my dad de-clutter the house for the past couple of weeks. It's such a pain...but that's the price you pay when you live like a pack rat and think you need to keep everything.

It's amazing the stuff that has been in boxes for years and years...and every once in a while I'd come across some real gems. Like my collection of porcelain dolls. There were probably 6 of them in the box and they are basically in mint condition. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them. I can remember how excited I was about them at the time, but now...I just don't have the space or the desire to put them up on display. I am either going to place them back into storage...or I am also considering selling them on ebay.

One thing my dad and I have been doing, it labeling stuff. Even if I wanted stuff in there, I had no idea what anything was. It was just box after box after box. If I found something that I wanted to keep...such as the dolls or some college textbooks, I would make a little label and stick it on there. My dad is going to try to find his little electronic label maker because that would just make the project go by so much faster. You know what I mean right? Let me see if I can find a link on the lovely internet. It's kind of like these Dymo labels and such. When I was a kid, my brother and I would use that label maker all the time just to play. We would make silly labels and put them on each other when we weren't looking. I can my dad glaring at us and reminding us that it wasn't a toy. tee, hee, hee...

Well, won't he be so happy for me to use it for it's actual purpose. I am really looking forward to getting my brother's room organized and put together. And then, I think my dad wants to turn it into an exercise room. Sounds good to me.

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