Monday, April 07, 2008

It's a beautiful day...

I'm so happy Spring seems to be turning the corner...the weather has been so nice recently. I had to work on Saturday morning and by the time I left the office at was so nice outside. It was still a little bit chilly...with a nice breeze, but the sun was out and it felt great to be outside. I decided to run on over to my dad's house...and enjoy the time outside. I warmed up with a mile walk...ran the 2 miles in the middle...and cooled down with another almost mile (It's 3.8 miles from my house to my dad's).

I had two really nice weight/diet related things that had nothing to do with the scale (and then I'll get to the scale report). This Sunday, I helped with the communion breakfast at church. We have a sit down breakfast in between the first and second a time of fellowship and celebration. It's really nice since the first service and the second service...we often don't see each other much. I said I would I made a huge fresh fruit salad and headed to church at 8am to help. Since many of the people in the second service hadn't seen me in a while...many months at least...a lot of them came up and said how great I looked. It was a nice reminder...since I have kind of gotten out of that period of people seeing the weight loss as a new thing. One woman, who was also my 6th grade teacher...came up and asked me what I've been doing and said I've never looked this healthy. So, it was good to see people...and help with the breakfast...and to make a healthy option (fruit)...and have people say that I looked fit and healthy. whoo hoo.

My second good thing...I went shopping on Sunday afternoon. I am in desperate need of work pants. I used to have a million bajillion pairs of pants, but now barely any of them fit. I had a bunch of size 12 pants and now basically they all are unwearable. I tried to wear a pair to work last week and it was embarrassing how they looked. So, I am basically down to 2 pair of pants that fit...and only one of them is work appropriate. I headed over to Old Navy in hopes of finding some nice pants on their clearance racks. I basically got one of every style of clearance pants they had in a size 8...and went to try them on. Most of them either fit or were a smidge loose. One of the pairs that was loose I really liked...they were a pair of khakis that kind of looked like cords, but not quite. Hard to describe...but I liked them. So, I hunted through the clearance stacks and found them in a size 6...and tried them on and low and behold, they FIT and fit well. I bought them and another pair of dress pants (size 8)...and was on my way. I can't believe I own a pair of size 6 makes my head hurt, but in a good way. whoo hoo...hoo!

Monday is my weigh-in per usual. I have been working out hard this week...and doing 3 days of weight training and 3 days of light cardio. I hoped to see the scale blip up...which means I might be starting to build muscle. I had a trail mix attack on Thursday night...which means that I started eating it...and ATE way too much. I filled my belly with salty, yummy trail mix. So, on Friday and Saturday mornings...during my daily weigh-ins, the weight was up...sometimes as much as 4 lbs. Does that mean I gained 4 lbs overnight? Nope, not bloody likely. That stuff was mighty salty...and my body isn't used to it. So, I imagine I was retaining water like a mofo...especially since I was sucking down water on Saturday like no tomorrow. So, I stepped on the scale this morning...and I was up one lb. I don't think it's salt...or water weight...or a lb of gained fat from sucking down too much trail mix. I think it's an actual lb gained from working out and increasing my weights. I have muscles I haven't seen for a while on my arms...and my legs feel stronger. So...I can actually say for the first time in my natural life, I am HAPPY I gained a pound. I would like to gain 4 or 5 more...the smart and healthy way...gaining muscle, etc.

Alright...enough blabbering on about my scale and my weight and what not. If the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is here...get out there and enjoy it.

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