Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Self Care

Hey y'all....I forgot to update yesterday with of course the weekly weigh-in report. I am happy to say that for the first time...I maintained my weight. I didn't lose any...and I didn't gain any. I don't know if I have this whole thing figured out just yet, but I do have more of a handle on it than I did before. I step on the scale each and every morning and the weight was up some days...back down some others. I mainly think the fluctuation has more to do with the sodium in whatever I am eating...than anything else.

One thing I really noticed as I have continued losing weight...and taking better physical care of myself...is that I am willing to spend money on things I never would before. Here are a few examples:

  • Clothes: I have never been a clothes horse...not in the slightest. I was still wearing some clothes that I wore in high school and I graduated in 1995. Since I've lost weight and moved down to a size I have never been before, it's forced me to renew my wardrobe and spend money and time buying clothes. I used to hate going clothes shopping, but now...I really like it. I like all the new options and just trying things on. I still stay within a budget...but if price were no option, I'd be buying things left and right. Speaking of...I need to buy some spring/summer shoes and I also need to buy a couple pairs of jeans. It's definitely on the list for the next shopping day.

  • I've never been to a spa before. The idea of getting a massage was really unattractive to me. I think part of it...was my negative body image and not really liking the idea of a total stranger touching me. I still am not sure I like the idea of a stranger getting their hands all over me...but, I am much more open to it. What I would like to try first...is also something I've never had done. I want to get a pedicure. It just seems like a fun, fancy thing to do. It's on the list...not something I am planning to do tomorrow, but definitely something I wanna put on the "to do" list.

  • Makeup/ Beauty Products: I used to never wear makeup...ever. I often end up looking like a vampire princess in the winter because my skin is so fair. I have noticed a shift there too. I still wear very minimal makeup, but I do put it on each and every morning before leaving for work. It's just lip gloss, a little cover up powder, some blush on the cheeks and eye shadow...but it's much more than I used to wear. I still think the idea of wearing obvious makeup...is not my style, but I like a little color on my face. I've also spent some money on some facial products. I bought a facial cleanser that so far...I really like. I'm also on the lookout for some good acne products. I am really lucky because I have nice skin. My skin rarely breaks out...so, I don't have to worry about acne all too much. I do get the occasional breakout, especially since I am working out so much. It's interesting....that working out is what causes my breakouts. I know it's that my skin is constantly sweating and therefore being irritated. Plus, with all the outside running...especially on the streets, it's gotta be bad for the skin. I have been on the lookout for a natural acne treatment. All the stuff I have..which isn't a lot...is so chuck full of chemicals. It works, but it also really dries out my skin.

  • Cooking Tips/Books: I am constantly looking for recipes on the internet...and buying those little cooking magazines that are in the check out aisles in the grocery store. I've just become so much more interested in how things are made...and baking things. Before, I thought it was a hassle...and if I had to bring a cake to work or church, I would swing by Hannaford and buy it. Now...I look forward to baking something. It's just an interesting switch.

  • So there are just a few examples at things that I would never even think of spending money on...but now, I have more of an interest in. I still watch my finances like a hawk, but when I have a few extra dollars...it's stuff I want to throw a little bit towards. I think, in general, it's a good thing. When I think of all the money I've thrown away over the years...buying crap, no good for you food...I am glad now that I am tempted to throw money towards things like this instead.

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