Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy Thursday

Hey all...I hope everyone is finding their Thursday treating them well. It's been cold the last few days...just to remind us that Spring is coming, but that Winter isn't done with us just yet. The weather guy did say that winter should be behind us now...but you never know, we've consistently known it to snow here or there in April. I remember it snowed last year in early April because I was in Florida at the time and my friends were cursing me from there.

My poor roomie is having a stressful week. Her mom is in the hospital and probably is having gallbladder surgery. She called and told me that her mom had a gallbladder attack on Monday and now they are just awaiting having the surgery. It's a tough time for everyone involved. My roomie's mom hates being in the hospital since the last time she was there...was when her husband was battling a terminal illness. And it's tough for my roomie because those times are always stressful...and she is taking over the parenting role for her little sister. She has so much on her plate already, that this just seems to be overwhelming her. The last time I spoke to her...she just seemed to be on the brink. I wish I could take some of the burden off of her...I would if I could. So, send some internet hugs her way...if you are so inclined.

And to switch gears...I had an exciting end of the day yesterday. I scooted out of work early and went over to meet the girl I am being matched with in our office's mentoring program. It's a lot like Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I've been considering doing it for years, but it just always wasn't the time.'s officially the time. The girl I will be spending time with...she is just adorable. She has the best smile...from ear to ear...and she's still got that innocence about her. I think I might enjoy the time we are spending together more than she will...since I never had a little brother or sister, etc. Our first going to be going to the mall for a few hours...and window shopping. We're going to hit both of our favorite stores...and probably get some yummy food from the food court. Of course, we plan on getting lots of clothes to try on...and having our own version of a fashion show in the dressing room. It sounds like a blast to me.

And for this weekend...I don't have a lot of plans. I have to work on Saturday morning...which I keep almost forgetting. lol I have to teach a class at work. And then the usual weekend plans. My dad and I plan on going shopping on Saturday. He has a lot of around the house projects he wants to start buying things for. He wants to re-do the walls in mine and my brother's old room...and he wants to re-do the bathroom. Initially, we are going to re-do the whole shower with one of the walk in tubs when my mom was alive...since it would have been so much easier for her to use, but now I think he just wants to replace it with a new, nice, swanky one. He also wants to re-do the pipes and make it so he can use the water system outside again. I am always SO supportive of him making repairs of the house since selfishly, I will be taking the house over someday down the line. He said the house needs to be painted as well...and some windows need to be replaced. It's definitely spring it's projects, projects everywhere!

And for Sunday...I am going to church. This Sunday is Communion Sunday. Some churches have communion every week, but we only do it monthly. I am helping two other women at church...serving the communion breakfast following the service. They are bringing bacon and eggs...and I am bringing a huge ol' fruit salad and maybe some granola. Mmmm.... That's about it for my weekend plans....oh...and my mentee can come over and I can not be completely embarassed, know what I mean?

Hugs all around...and enjoy the nice weather.

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