Friday, April 18, 2008


Hi all...happy Friday! Today is a day that I really wanted to call in "fake sick" because it is so beautiful outside. Today it is going to top out in the high 70s...maybe even 80 degrees. And no rain, no clouds...just beautiful sunshine. But I came to work like a good girl. But unlike a good girl, I am using my time at work to blog. Here's an update on my life so far this week....

  • I'm going bowling tonight. I am going with the girl I am matched with in the mentoring program. I'm excited since I haven't been bowling in a long time...probably 2 years. I really like bowling too. It's one of the leisure activities that it doesn't matter how bad you are at it, it's still fun.

  • And, congrats to the Boston Red Sox for beating the Yankees last night in NY. The Red Sox started off the season a little shakey, but they've bounced back well..and are in first place right now in their division. There is still a lot of baseball ahead of them, but still...congrats! I have a co-worker who is a die hard Yankee fan and he went down to the city to see the game yesterday. I guess if I was a better person I'd hope the Yankees could win for him, but well...I'm not. *snickers* Go Sox!

  • I watched the debate on Wednesday between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. At first I wasn't going to watch it and just catch up on what was said by watching the news the next day, but I changed my mind. I wanted to see what they actually said and not all the spin. The debate was ok, but not great. The questions focused so much on the drama and politics and not enough time on the actual issues...but then again, what do you expect? It's no secret that I am a democrat...and that my politics usually side with Hillary Clinton. I just want to have a candidate and then be able to support that person. I like Hillary...she's my girl, but I could also support Barack, especially against John McCain. I have nothing against McCain...he's a heck of a nice guy, but I don't think he should be the next President. I don't agree with his policy on the war...and he has openly said he doesn't know much about the economy and given the downturn we are in...and the recession we are heading into, that is not something I think is acceptable of the POTUS.

  • I saw on the news this morning that while the Pope is in town...he met secretly with some victims of sexual abuse. The people he met with...they all said the meeting was very positive and the Pope was very apologetic about the sex abuse that has happened in the Catholic church. Hmm...well, that's all well and nice...but I want to see less talk...more action. I want to see the Catholic Church actually make steps to stop this from happening...and not protecting the priests who are doing it. I want to see the church defend the victims instead of the priests. If and when that happens...I might have a moment of respect for the Pope. Maybe I'm distrustful and jaded, but well...can you blame me?

  • Alright that's it for now...on the rambling updates. If you can...enjoy the weather and enjoy your weekend!

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