Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Sunday y'all....

Guess what, I'm being bad...and playing hokey from church today. I've gone without missing for about the last 3 months. It's not like I think I should get a pat on the back for that....I am just happy that I feel more committed and connected to church. So, then why am I not going?'s feeling like spring outside and I really feel the need to do some spring cleaning, so I am going to spend the morning cleaning the apartment...before heading over to my dad's and helping him clean a little bit there.

I have a lot of stuff here that needs a good cleaning. I have said this a million times over and I mean it each and every time...but I wish roomie and I were better at cleaning on a day to day basis than we are. We clean once and then let it get pretty dusty and dirty again...and then do another day of cleaning. It's frustrating that I can't seem to break that cycle. I'm trying...

Today, I am going to clean the kitchen...mop the floor, clean the counter, take out the garbage, get rid of stuff in the cupboards I don't use, etc. And of course, cleaning the bathroom...since it is pretty grungy in there. I am going to mop the floor, clean the bathroom vanities, the toilet, the sink, the shower, clean the mirror (you know so it isn't covered in little toothpaste dots!) And then I gotta clean the living room...that's the easiest room....wiping down the tables and woodwork...and then a quick vacuum. I have a bunch of clothes in there I need to bring to Salvation Army to donate, so I need to actually do that. And room could definitely use a clean. I need to put away clothes...and I need to just get rid of a lot of stuff that I don't need and don't use.

So...I plan on opening the windows and getting my cleaning groove on. I think God would give me the thumbs up about that. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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