Friday, November 09, 2007


So, the WGA is on strike. What does that mean? means the writers for movies and TV are on strike. They were looking to negotiate with the producers in order to get a piece of the pie when it comes to DVD and internet revenue. That doesn't seem unreasonable, does it? Maybe not to you or me, but it did to the they were not able to come to an agreement so as of Monday, the WGA went on strike.

And how does that effect you and me? Well...for one, there were no new episodes of The Daily Show all week long. Shows like TDS and Letterman and Leno...rely on daily writing because their shows are so, those were effected immediately.

I will admit it, I watch a soap opera...and they will be next to be hit. Soaps only run ahead about a week and a half. So, I might not be watching GH while I am working out on my elliptical in about a week and a half. How will I know if Lucky finds out that Jason is actually the father of Elizabeth's baby? Or how the mob war will be resolved? Or why Nicholas is having blackouts...and having Incredible Hulk angry outbursts. It's just not not know the answers to these things.

And next are some shows like The Office, Grey's Anatomy, 24, Lost...shows which will have to cut the season short if the strike continues for any length of time. I heard The Office may be hit soon...and since half their cast are also writers, I am sure the cast supports the cause. Grey's will be out of episodes by the end of December....and I heard only 10 episodes of the current season of 24 are written. I guess that Kiefer won't have to worry about when to serve his jail time for his DWI...if the strike continues.

A lot of actors are really supporting the writers...they are walking the picket lines with them. I think it is great...because the writers are the back bone of any great show. An actor delivers the lines...but they would be nothing without a writing...well, writing it. I will be sad if the strike continues and my favorite shows go dark...but, I fully support the strike. I think the writers deserve to get their share...and the fat cat producers need to get over themselves and start paying them what they are due.

So...there is my mini essay on the writer's strike. Anyone else have any opinions on it? You know...of the 2 people who read here. lol

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