Thursday, November 29, 2007

Revenge sometimes is sweet!

I sometimes love Tim Burton movies...and sometimes I think he's just a tad too crazy. I love love love Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. I thought Big Fish was really interesting...and thought Corpse Bride was pretty great too. Now, I will admit...I loathed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I thought it was just too Tim Burtonish if that makes any sense.

Tim has a new movie coming out. I am actually really excited by it. It's another remake, but I think it could be amazing. Of course, it is starring Johnny Depp since Burton seems to have man crush on the guy...and puts him in everything he does. What movie is it? Sweeney Todd. I spent some time on the website and it looks really great. Don't believe me? Well...spend some time and
visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site or visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace. of the main themes of Sweeney Todd is venting and getting revenge. If you know the story of Sweeney know the sick and twisted way that Sweeney gets his revenge. Now...have you ever been the meaner side of yourself? Have you ever gotten revenge on someone? I would like to be the bigger person and say that I have not, but it would be a lie.

Wanna hear a story of when I got revenge on someone? Of course you do. Here goes:

Okay, I was in college....and this girl and I just didn't get along. She was mean and bitchy and she often was mean to other people, including myself. She just thought she was the best thing ever. I had a job on campus as a computer lab monitor. One of our jobs is to troubleshoot for students and help if we can. Bitchy girl comes into the lab and sits down. I saw her and grumbled under my breath what a evil thing she was. I saw her log on, put a disk in and it looked like she was getting ready to print something. It was finals it was probably a paper. So, I logged onto the printer cues...and low and behold, she was sending something to the printer. I then became evil Shelley. I logged onto the cues and deleted her print job. So, bitchy girl walks over to the printer...and nothing comes out. She goes back and prints it again. I delete it again. She then looks at the computer lab desk...hoping to get some help. She sees me...knows we don't get along and decides to go into the other computer room in hopes that her paper will print on that printer. So, I watched the printer cues like a hawk...and when her job popped up, I deleted it. I could hear her starting to panic in the other room. I am sure her paper was due any minute. She finally came in and sheeply told me that her paper would not print and asked for my help. I spent like 5 minutes fiddling around on my computer looking like I was doing something important. Then, I got up and went over...pulled up her paper, pressed print...and went and got it off the printer. I handed it to her. She thanked me over and over again for saving her. So, not only did I mess with the girl for close to a half an hour, but well...I made her thank me after it was all done.

Yes, I afraid, be very afraid. Or at least learn the lesson not to get on my bad side, eh? Now isn't confessing your sins kind of fun? I liked it. If you wanna tell your own story of being mean and getting revenge, you can do it on one of the Sweeney Todd websites. I don't think anyone should get revenge like Sweeney Todd did, but messing with a mean college girl for a while...that is just fun!

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