Monday, November 19, 2007

Weigh In it is!

Hi's another Monday which means it is another weigh-in. You know, in all those times that I gained the weight back, if I had just made myself step on the scale each and every Monday...I know that would not have happened. lol

I was worried this week because my elliptical is broken...yes, still broken. I'll get to that later. So, I was worried....and I weighed in this morning bright and early.

What did the scale say? said I lost 2 lbs.

And altogether it means I have lost 30 lbs since recommitting. Whoo to the hoo people! Initially, I had hoped to lose 30 lbs by Christmas or New Year's...but here I am, 30 lbs lighter. I am so excited. I still have more to lose, but I am so much farther than I thought I would be.

Oh...I went to the mall this weekend and looked at sneakers for my weight loss reward. I didn't buy sneakers. I found a pair I liked, but they were a little too pricey. So, I am going to wait...I am not sure how long, but I am going to wait. And since I lost 30 lbs...I am also owed my 3rd reward prize...which is some Bath and Body Works Stuff. I might buy that stuff before the sneaks...because B&B is having a sale right now...5 items for 25 dollars. Cha Ching! I will see if sneaks go on sale after Thanksgiving...and if not, I might wait to buy them until after Christmas.

And my elliptical...I know you are dying to know. Remember when I said I fixed it....well, I thought I did. I was able to stabilize it for a bit, but then it got all wobbly again. So, I had my dad come over and look at it...and yep, it's broken. The frame is broken on the bottom...hence why it is always getting unstable. We called the manufacturer...and we sent them a copy of the receipt and a picture of the damage in an email...and we should hear something within a week. We are hopeful they are going to replace it...and if not, I swear I am taking them to the People's Court.

So...I am happy about the 2 lbs lost...and the 30 lbs total. This week is Thanksgiving...and I am going to stay on plan for the day. I am going out of town to relatives with my dad, but I will eat what I can...and have some food stashed if I need it.

Hugs to all...

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