Friday, November 09, 2007

Gifts that make a difference!

I am just beginning to do all of my Christmas shopping. I usually always wait until the very last minute, but this year I am trying to be better. I do a lot of my shopping online because it is just simpler than going from store to hopes of finding what you are looking for.

I was talking with my dad last weekend and we were talking about the possible recession and the price of gas, etc...and how it might all effect holiday gift shopping. He said he watched a news story and they said people would probably buy just as much, but where they will penny pinch is with charitable giving. That is such a shame to me.

Well, there is a solution. You can shop for gifts at charitable sites. That way, you are getting a nice gift and also helping a great cause. A great example is the Alzheimer's Foundation of America eStore.

You can buy some really nice, beautiful jewelry while giving money to a great cause. I can remember doing that when I was in college. I bought my mom a bracelet that also donated money to an AIDS organization. I loved the bracelet, but I also loved that my gift was more than just jewelry.

There are so many worthy organizations to give to this holiday season and Alzheimer's is definitely one of them. I can't imagine suffering with this disease...and not remembering important things or people in my life. It is also heart breaking for the families of those afflicted as well. I can't imagine. You know, research and finding a cure for the disease is important, no doubt. However, what is also important is helping people who currently have the disease with treatment and care. I have a friend who used to work in a nursing home and she would often tell stories of Alzheimer's patients which were in her care.

So, if you like the jewelry and feel inclined, buy one or two or a dozen for a good cause. Remember, all the proceeds go to support the Alzheimer's Foundation! Make your Christmas gifts have an impact beyond the 20 minutes it takes to open them all up!! Hugs!!!

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