Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Weigh-In Monday!

Hello's officially Monday again, which means it is my weekly weigh-in day. I have always picked Mondays as my weigh-in days because it helps me stay focused on the weekends...knowing I have a weigh-in looking me in the face bright and early on Monday Mornings.

As we know..this week was Thanksgiving. You know...that holiday known for stuffing your face until you have to unbutton your pants. I had a really nice Thanksgiving with family...and I also didn't eat outside of my diet. I had veggies and cheese for my protein. I didn't have stuffing...and lord, I love stuffing. I didn't have mashed taters...and I like them too, but don't love them like I love stuffing.

Anyways...enough teasing you. I lost 3 lbs this week. That's right...3 freakin' pounds. I have never lost weight before the week of Thanksgiving....usually I am right in the middle of gaining weight before New Year's...when I will once again vow to take it off. In total, I have lost 33 lbs since recommitting myself to this diet mumbo jumbo.

This last week was stressful and sometimes sad for was the holiday week, my mom's some other just stressful stuff. This would have been a prime week for me to comfort myself with food...but I didn't. And what is new, I didn't even think about it. A month ago...I was a little stress ball too...and I didn't jump into a pool of ice cream and chow away, but I thought about it. When I was feeling stressed or was still my first impulse. This week...I dealt with it in different ways. I talked to people. I went for walks. I cried if need be(I am so not a crier). Food wasn't my first thought...and I am really comforted by that. I think this strict as it teaching me things. I am hopeful it is teaching me lessons that I can use long after I am done losing weight.

Phew...enough of all that seriousness. Oooh...I went shopping this weekend. No, not Christmas shopping like everyone else on the planet. I went shopping for the 2 reward presents I owed myself. I was putting off the sneaks because they were kind of pricey and I was hoping for a sale after TGiving. I got no sale, but I bought the sneaks anyways. I got a nice pair...they feel great on my feet. I always buy Nikes...I think they were just made for my foot. And, I bought some stuff at Bath and Body Works. They had a sale for 4 items for $ that's what I got. I have a hard time spending money on myself at any time, but especially at this time of the year...but I needed to get out of the head space because I deserved I earned it. Plus, my old sneaks were falling apart...literally.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend...and that Monday is finding them well.

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