Friday, November 09, 2007

Stephen King is movie GOLD!

I absolutely love Stephen King....I think his books and the movie adaptations are amazing. He just has a way with words...and can think of some amazing twists to stories. Both of my parents grew up in Maine, so we also have some loyalty to King...who is a Maine native. Plus, he's a rabid Red Sox fan. How could I not like him?

My dad had all the Stephen King novels in the, I think I have read all of the classics. I haven't kept up on the new novels, but the oldie, but goodies have all been read. Yes, I have read each and every page of The Stand!

So, what is my favorite Stephen King movie? favorite overall is an easy one to pick, it is the Shawshank Redemption. Tim Robbins...genius. Morgan Freeman...amazing. I just love that movie. It is on TV all the time and whenever I come across it, I have to stay and watch it to the end. Can you believe that movie is based on a short story? I read the story when I was in high school and thought it was great. Of course, King's short stories are always a little longer than the standard short story, but then again...he has always been a wordy fella.

Now, which movie is my favorite Stephen King thriller?? Is it Misery? Pet Sematary? Carrie? Christine? Well...those are all good choices, but not my choice. My favorite scary movie by King is 'It.' That movie absolutely terrifies me. One, I am incredibly afraid of clowns (I happen to believe I might be afraid of clowns because of the movie...). The movie just chills you to the core...and scares you on every single level. And, I have to ask...have you read the book? Because if you think the movie is scary, you should read the book. It makes the movie look like a walk in the park. I couldn't believe how afraid I was when reading the book. I worked at a video store for 2 years...and whenever someone asked me what the scariest movie in the store was my answer was always...always...It!

And while I am on having this complete lovefest, I should mention there is a new movie coming out based on one of his novels. The Mist by Stephen King is coming out on November 21, 2007...just in time to go with the family for Thanksgiving. Hey, if your family isn't scary enough, take them to see a King flik! The movie is about a freak storm in Maine which causes this mist to take over the town. Of course, these creepy and horrible creatures live within the mist...and the town residents have to battle the evil in order to survive. It definitely looks interesting...and I am willing to see anything that is attached to King's name. Check out the site and the trailer. Oh, and leave me a comment about which Stephen King movie or novel is your favorite!

And as always...have fun at the movies!

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