Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday morning update...except it's Tuesday!

Hello all...I had yesterday off work for Veteran's Day, so I never got around to doing my Monday morning update.

First off...Happy Belated Veteran's Day to all those who served and to those who are currently serving. It's no secret that I am not in support of this current war we are in, but I do support the troops. I have such respect for anyone who chooses to defend our country...and put on that uniform. I think that our government has made some really bad choices, but no matter what...the armed forces have done what was asked of them...honorably!

I really enjoyed having both Friday and Monday off...but let me tell you, having that many days off in a row...it makes coming in on Tuesday even harder! I woke up this morning and had no motivation to come in...but well, I was supposed to, so I did.

Oh...yesterday was Monday which means it was weigh-in day for me. I woke up and when I jumped on the scale it reported that I lost 3 lbs this week. That means that in total, I have lost 28 lbs since I recommitted to all of this...which of course, makes me jump for joy. I am so glad I didn't do what I usually do...and lose steam at the end of the year, stop eating right and exercising...and just kind of give up until that magic day of New Year's when I refocus again. At this rate...I should be pretty darn close to my goal weight by New Year's....what a different pattern that will be.

If you notice, I never bought my reward for my 20 lbs. loss. I was supposed to buy a pair of sneakers...and I just never did it. I am going to...it just never made it in the budget and well, I kind of forgot about it. I am going to go to one of the outlet places this upcoming weekend and look at shoes. I am picky about the shoes I like...but I am also cheap, so I hope to find something that satisfies both of those. Of course, if things stay on course...my 30 lb. reward should be right around the corner.

Oh...I thought my elliptical machine was broken yesterday and boy was I pissed...since we just bought it in October. It was all unstable so when I was running on it, it was jostling back and forth. I was an unhappy kid...when I had to get off it after 15 minutes because I felt like the whole thing was going to fall over. So, I went for a 40 minute power walk...and went back to the store where I bought it...and looked at the floor model. I got some ideas...and got home and was able to fix it. It has these little feet on the table and it can be used to move it up and down in order to stabilize it. So, it is fixed for now...and it had better stay that way!

Alright...things are crazy at work today, so off I go!

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