Wednesday, July 11, 2007

where have I been?

Wow, I haven't written in a while...I have been crazy busy the last few days or so. On Saturday, I had to work in the morning...teaching a class. Then, my dad and I went to my aunt's summer house for the rest of the day. A bunch of my cousins were there and it was super nice hanging out with them. I can remember hanging out as kids and it's an interesting and really cool concept to all hang out together as adults.

On Sunday, I had church...and then stayed after church to prep for Vacation Bible School (VBS) which is running all this week. After that, I went out for lunch with my dad.

Oh..side note. I feel like such a douche bag. A complete and utter douche bag. Why, you ask? Because my dad's birthday was on Friday and I completely forgot. I remembered on Saturday, but well...that's not Friday is it. He was very nice and kept letting me off the hook. But, I feel like crap. I know how I would feel if he or my brother forgot my birthday. I should have remembered. Grr. I basically suck. dad and I went out to lunch at Panera's for a belated birthday celebration. It was yummilicious. I haven't really been able to eat out because of the new diet...but Panera was a winner. I had a nice garden salad with fat free raspberry dressing. Yummy! Then dad and I went grocery shopping and hung out for a while.

Monday...I started teaching a class at work. So, it was stressful and a lot of running around like a chicken with my head cut off before class. Plus, I haven't taught this class I was nervous about how it would go. I went pretty good...well, at least on Monday it did. And then after work...I jetted home, made dinner and headed over to VBS. I made sure the room was set up...and then went down to collect the kids. It was SO HOT...and the church is not air conditioned. We had 4 little girls...and then did well, even though the heat was making them uber cranky.

I got home on Monday at 9pm...watched some crap TV (Hell's Kitchen) and headed to bed.

Tuesday...was much of the same. I had class at work again. This one did not go as smoothly. We had one kid who was just being mouthy and not really "into" class. So, it was 3 hours of me constantly correcting someone's behavior. It got frustrating...and I ended up just pissed at the end of the day. I finished the afternoon at work...once again jetted home, made dinner and headed over to VBS. Tues was even hotter than Monday, but the kids got to get wet with the hose, so they were much less cranky. It was a great time. But still..exhausting.

And I got home at 9pm again...watched some of the stuff on the Tivo...and headed to bed.

And now...we are at Wednesday. This has been a fun week, but it does feel like the longest week ever!

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