Sunday, July 15, 2007

drive-in report and other mumbo jumbo...

Tech Report

I am logged onto the computer using my new wireless mouse. whoo hoo. It's awesome. I needed a new mouse because my old one was catching and just plain ol' crappy. I decided to get a wireless one so I wouldn't have to worry about the cords, etc. It's pretty cool. I also installed a new USB port on my computer because I only had 2 ports before...and well, that's not nearly enough.

I like getting new matter how small.

Drive-In Report

This weekend was really wuite nice...all around. I had friday off that felt like part of my weekend and then last night I went to the dinner and the drive-in with 2 friends. And today, I had a nice day at church and then just lazed around the apartment.

The movies was fun. We saw the new Harry Potter movie...which in all honesty, I could care less about. I haven't seen any of the HP movies, so I didn't really know what was going on. But, my 2 friends really wanted to see it...and sometimes, the whole world isn't solely about me. LOL. It was a good movie...just not my style. The second movie was Live Free or Die Hard. I LOVE Die Hard movies...I would see Die Hard 17 if they made it. I just think they are awesome. I like how John McClain is this conflicted, every man kind of guy. And...I love that in every movie he gets the absolute tar beaten out of him, but still finds some way to save this day. And this movie...also stars Justin Long and Kevin Smith. How can one not love this movie?

My only real complaint about the drive-in is how late you end up being there. The first movie doesn't start until 9pm and then the second movie doesn't start until about 11:30pm. We didn't leave until about 2am...which is WAY WAY WAY past my bedtime. In fact, when the second movie started it was past my bedtime. *yawns*

It was a good time though...good times!

VBS Report

And speaking of good times, I wanted to say again how much fun I had at VBS. It really was a blast. I am so glad that people asked me to help out. I have always loved my church...but in the last couple of months, I am more connected that I ever have been. The little kids were so cute...every day at work, I would tell another story of something adorably cute that the kids did. It was exhausting and a lot of really hard work, but well worth it.

I did miss my mom terribly this week. Church was always our place...where we went together, so being at church every night...made me happy and sad. I know that if she were alive, she would have been there too....helping with registration and snack time, etc. She would have made oodles of cookies for the closing ceremony. She would have helped me cut out paper crowns for the kids to color. I really felt her presence with me this week...which felt wonderful, but also really sad too because she should be here. I have a million questions I never asked her. I have a million stories I know I am going to want to tell her.

Love ya mom...each and every moment.

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