Thursday, July 19, 2007

So, do we really want to know the latest celeb gossip?

You know, I like to pretend that I am not interested in celebrity gossip. I like to think I am the person that says that I don't care what they are doing and rolls my eyes at the people who are obsessed. But well, it's all a lie. I read it. I look for it. Sadly, I want to know the newest and latest gossip. I spend downtime at work reading some celebrity blogs...looking for the latest gossip. I see celebrity gossip as a car don't want to look, but you can't just look away, the wreckage is just too intriguing.

I want to know what crazy thing Britney just did. I want to know what hypocrtical thing that Paris just did. I want to know the next dozen kids that Brangelina are going to adopt. I want to know what what she was just tired right?...Paula is going to do next. I want to know who Rosie is going to have her next celebrity feud with. I want to know what booze and drug filled clubs Lindsey is going down directly after rehab.

I can't help it...I want to know. I feel dirty and kind of shameful, but I still wanna know. *smirks*

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