Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When will enough be enough?

I am sure everyone and their brother is talking about why not me? I am so disgusted about the situation with Lindsey Lohan and her legal and substance abuse troubles. She left Promises Rehab and relapsed publicly 11 days later...while getting arrested for a DUI, driving without a license and possession of cocaine. She has already had one DWI...which she also fled she scene. After that incident, she bailed out and jumped right into rehab. And after this DUI...she also bailed out and immediately entered another rehab.

Now I don't mean to downplay the power of addiction and how it can take someone's best intentions and throw them right out the window. However, treatment only works...if you play by the rules and do what you are supposed to. Lindsey Lohan is a poster child for not doing things the way someone in recovery should be. She is someone who seems to go to rehab when it will get her out of trouble, but doesn't seem to want it to negatively impact her life at all. Why do I say this?, fresh out of rehab she is going to Vegas nightclubs where booze and drugs are available and encouraged. She said she was sober there, but still...anyone in recovery knows that people, places and things will get you sooner or later. You can't surround yourself with the drug...the temptation and not think you are going to come out the winner, especially a WEEK out of rehab. And then there are unconfirmed reports that Lindsey was asking where she could score some ecstacy at the club since she wouldn't get caught on her alcohol detection bracelet if she was abusing drugs.

And then her DUI situation...11 days out of rehab she was caught speeding, driving recklessly and under the influence of alcohol. Where were all her sober friends then? And...they also say that cocaine was found in her pants pocket. She says it wasn't hers, but even if that was true...why is someone 11 days out of rehab have someone else's cocaine in their pocket??

I do have compassion for the girl...because I think getting clean and sober while being in the fishbowl of celebrity is hard, especially when you have the money and status to not really face the consequences. I mean, if this happened to me...where I was charged with a felony DWI and had a $25,000 bail...I wouldn't be going anywhere. My butt would be sitting in jail until my next court appearance. For Lindsey...25 grand is nothing, paid it and moved on. And for her own sake...because if she doesn't get clean, she is either going to kill herself or someone else, I hope she gets some consequences. I hope that this time...the judge doesn't think rehab as "good enough"...I hope she serves some time. Of course, it will all become the next Paris jail saga. I think this girl really needs a good wake up call. A serious one.

I do wonder...when will enough be enough? Does she have to drive drunk and hurt or kill someone? Do we have to find her OD'ed in her hotel room? Haven't we learned this lessons in Hollywood excess over and over again??


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