Sunday, July 01, 2007

i want one...BAD!

I was at the store with my dad on Friday...they had 2G flash drives on sale and he wanted one. While we were there, we were browsing around and just seeing lots of gizmos that we couldn't afford.

One of them...which I happen to think is the coolest thing ever, is a digital photo frame. I love having pics as a slideshow on my computer and basically that is how it works with the digital picture frames. You put the pics on a memory card and then they are on the LCD screen, etc. This is so the wave of the future for pictures. Who is ever going to need to actually develop pictures again??? I want to get one for home and also one for the office. I have about 6 or 7 pictures frames around the office. If I had one of the digital frames, I just would need the one frame and then it could slideshow all the pics I had. And, I would love one to have all the pics I have of my nephew from when he was a baby until now, when he is about 2 1/2....just cause he is so super duper cute!

So...if you have an extra hundred bucks hanging around and want to buy me a me one of these!!!!

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