Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I keep thinking it is Saturday!

First of all...Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone has a day off...and if there are people out there who have to work today, I feel ya...I've been there in past jobs.

I am not doing a heck of a lot today. I went to see fireworks last night with my dad. They have fireworks at our local baseball field. You can pay 4 bucks to go inside and listen to music and then watch the can go to the park behind the field, bring a chair and watch them for free. So, free it is!

We got there at about 7pm...and had about 3 hours to wait until the fireworks actually went up. People watching is always interesting and sometimes also sad. Sometimes people just show the worst side of themselves. I won't get into it, but I saw some pretty pathetic displays of humankind. I did see one guy gloating that he scammed a local judge and got away with a bunch of stuff....he was talking about a judge I know and work with, so let's hope that kid doesn't get in trouble again because I can guarantee he won't get away with it this time. lol

And as my title said...I keep thinking today is Saturday. I have done it a bunch of times. I woke up and was surprised GMA was on TV...cause it is Saturday. Then I panicked that I missed my Thursday meeting with a lady at the church. I saw an ad for the Live Earth concert which is supposed to be on Saturday and wondered why it wasn't on TV.

Maybe that's all because it is WEDNESDAY! Happy Wednesday y'all!

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