Friday, July 06, 2007

friday recap...

I completely forgot to do Thursday Thirteen again last week...doh! I need to start remembering that before Thursday has come and gone.

How is everyone doing this week? I can't believe it is Friday. This week was so weird with having a holiday in the middle of the week. I prefer my one day holidays to be on Monday or Friday...extending out my weekend.

This week has been the first week that my roomie has started working her evening shift. She goes in a little before 3pm and gets out at 11pm. So, in essence...we both have the apartments to ourselves all the time. She gets the apartment to herself until she goes to work at 3pm and I get the apartment to myself when I come home from work, etc. many ways, it's like I live by myself, but I only pay half the rent. It's pretty sweet. I mean, sometimes I miss having someone to watch crappy tv with, but well...we'll see each other on the weekends. Plus, I have always said...I love my alone time. I cherish it. And...I have been able to workout in the apartment this week. That has been sweet. I don't have to either hurry and fit it in before she gets home, go somewhere else or workout in the apartment like a zoo exhibit. I think that is the best part about the change in schedule.

Alrighty...that about wraps up my rambling message. Tomorrow is a busy day for me. I teach a class in the morning for work and then I am spending the day at my aunt's house. It should be fun, but I expect to be very tired by the end of the day.